Halaal Certification Statement – Access Park

Food Lover’s Market today met with the Muslim Judicial Council’s Halaal Trust (MJCHT) regarding halaal certification in the Access Park store.
We welcome the comment and guidance from the MJCHT, who has decided to temporarily suspend the Halaal certification in the butchery while an investigation underway. The certificate will be reinstated as soon as the MJCHT is satisfied that compliance to MJCHT’s Halaal standards and operating procedures are being met.
In addition to that, Food Lover’s Market has asked the MJCHT to cleanse the area where pork was being displayed – this was in an area separate to the butchery. All reference to Access Park being a fully certified Halaal store will be removed from marketing materials and online platforms, pending recertification of the butchery. Once this is in place, Food Lover’s Market will be mindful only to advertise the departments within the store that is Halaal certified.
Food Lover’s Market wishes to apologise to the Islamic community shopping at Access Park. We assure you that we are taking every step we can to ensure that we fulfil the requirements set out to achieve Halaal certification in the butchery. Food Lover’s Market Access Park will continue to work closely with the MJCHT to ensure compliance.