We are aware of listeriosis concern in South Africa. Please be assured that the process that we have in place to ensure that the food that we have on sale is safe for our customers.

We would like to assure you that there are numerous processes in place throughout the supply chain that ensures that the food that we have on sale in our stores is safe for consumption. Firstly, we require all our suppliers to undergo an annual independent food safety audit by an independent third party auditing company. Many of our suppliers also have ongoing routine testing schedules in place to monitor all food products for pathogens and to take action if these organisms are detected. We also conduct routine testing on our house brand products for a range of pathogens. We further have a food safety management system implemented in all our stores which further ensures that the food products that we have on sale are handled hygienically and kept at the legally prescribed temperature. Our stores are regularly audited by our team of food technologist to ensure that the required standards are adhered to. We hope that we have been able to assure you that we have in place all the necessary measures to ensure that the food that we have on sale is safe and of a high quality.

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