12 graduates from the Food Lover’s Programme

On 6 December, 12 students graduated from Henley Business School after completing the Management Graduate Programme graduated from the course.

For the past 3 years, Food Lover’s Market has taken part in changing lives by giving young South Africans the chance to achieve tertiary education from our graduate programme. Throughout the year, each student is placed within a store, to “learn the ropes” through on-the-job training.

Andrew Milson, Director of HR and Sustainability share his pride in this successful programme, “We are so thankful to be able to invest into the people that in turn help build our brand, and more than that incredible proud in the results that they have achieved. Well done!”

Once a month, the students would attend Henley Business School for 4 days where they have a one-to-one with some of the senior colleagues with in the business. For their final presentation, the graduates had to focus on a different challenges within our FMCG business, such as:

  1. Price change procedures within Food Lover’s Market
  2. Shrinkage
  3. Addressing the ever growing increase in the number of product gaps

Following graduation in 2018, all student have been placed in stores, and will continue to be mentored for another year. 2 graduates are based in Food Lover’s Markets’ newest stores; Lenasia and Middelburg and will be focusing on writing new Standard of Procedures to roll out in those stores, and possibly throughout the brand.

In 2019, we hope to increase the number of candidates enrolled in the programme to 36, compiled of 80% current employees and 20% new recruits. What this program entails for the future. Food Lover’s Market hopes by next year to add more candidates to the program increasing the number to 36 students. Where 80% will be current employees and 20% new recruits. We will also extend the placement of these students into sister brand, FreshStop at Caltex.