Soy Honey Baked Yellowtail

Soy Honey Baked Yellowtail

A delightful combination of sweet and savoury flavours with this Soy Honey Baked Yellowtail recipe. Yellowtail is a delicious and tender fish that pairs perfectly with a marinade of honey, soy sauce, and aromatic spices. This easy-to-follow recipe will guide you through the steps to create a mouthwatering dish that’s sure to impress your family and friends.


Cooking Methods

  • Grilling



Prep Time

30 minutes

Cooking Time

1 hour


For the Honey and Soy Glaze:

    125ml (1/2 cup) low sodium soy sauce

    30ml (2 Tbsp) rice vinegar

    80ml (1/3 cup) water

    60ml (1/4 cup) dark brown sugar

    125ml (1/2 cup) You First Orange Blossom Honey

    1cm fresh ginger, peeled and cut into strips

    2 lemons, sliced into rounds

    1 x 30cm whole yellowtail

For the Greens:

    1 red pepper, julienne

    2 red onions, quartered

    200g tenderstem broccoli

    200g baby Pak choi

    Salt and black pepper, to taste


For the Honey and Soy Glaze:

    Combine the soy sauce, vinegar, water, sugar, honey and ginger in a small saucepan and cook on a low heat for about 25 minutes or until thickened and sticky.
    Preheat the oven to 180°C.
    Place the fish in an oven proof dish and with the red onions and red peppers. Stuff the inside of the fish with the lemon rounds and pour 2/3 of the honey and soy glaze over the fish and bake for about 30-40 minutes.

For the Greens:

    While the fish is baking steam the tenderstem broccoli and baby Pak choi.
    Serve the baked fish with the steamed veggies and the veg in the oven tray along with the juicy goodness in the oven tray. Serve the dish with the extra honey and soy glaze.
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