Banting Blvd. Range at Food Lover’s Market

Banting Blvd. Range at Food Lover’s Market

8th Sep 2021

Banting Blvd. is a family-run and women-led small business based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Banting Blvd believes in delicious, nutritious products that are simple to make and offer great value.

Banting Blvd’s easy-to-use premixes make healthy living accessible. “Our low-carb, gluten-free products with no added sugar are delicious and quick to prepare. Keep healthy eating simple. Mix. Bake. Enjoy!” The Banting Blvd. range includes the famous HEBA pap, as well as low-carb premixes, making a low-carb lifestyle easy and more accessible to our customers.”

The Happy Being Co Range includes collagen, gluten-free and vegan premixes. All easy-to-make, full of flavour, and good for you!

“As a local supplier, it’s been incredible to grow with Food Lover’s Market. The team is always there to offer support, guidance and give us opportunities to innovate and create new products that bring healthy eating options to all. ” – Gabi Vani Niekerk.

We are more than a supermarket, we are a market for Food Lovers, and by this, we love supporting awesome, local suppliers. Find a range of local products in Food Lover’s Market stores.




What is Heba?

HEBA can be used to make many traditional staple foods from porridge to bread. For low-carb lifestyles, use it in place or grains or flours when cooking or baking. HEBA is the food of the revolution. HEBA is vegan, gluten-free, and low carb.

HEBA stands for HEalthy BAnting.

What is Heba made from?

Heba is made from a blend of flaxseeds, sunflower Seeds, Psyllium Husk, Himalayan salt, xanthan gum.

How do you use Heba?

Heba is a low-carb flour alternative. Originally, Heba was used to make a pap (HEBA pap) or a porridge, but it can be use in baking, as a crumb, and much more.

The HEBA range also includes premixes, such as a bread-in-a-mug, savoury crumb premix and a soft porridge premix for those who prefer a quick convenient cook.


The Banting Blvd. premix range stocked at Food Lover’s Market includes:

  • Cinnamon Breakfast Porridge
  • Chocolate Breakfast Porridge
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Vanilla Cupcake
  • Italian Pizza Base
  • Almond & Seed Loaf

Meet the team

As part of our Seeds of Change initiative to show you the journey and growth of many of our smaller, local suppliers. We chatted to the team behind Banting Blvd. and Happy Being Co to learn more about their journey, passion, and business. Take a look here.

bating blvd team