Food Lover’s Market Kathu in the Northern Cape

Food Lovers Market opened at Kathu Village Mall with a 112-strong team, of which 102 new team members have been recruited locally.

Food Lover’s Market Kathu is gearing up to provide the Kathu community and surrounding areas with the ultimate store experience. As South Africa’s biggest privately owned retail team, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our world-class Food Lover’s Market store at the Kathu Village Mall on 6 July 2023. Offering an impressive range of fresh food and grocery items, accompanied by an enchanting shopping theatre, we aim to deliver a premium shopping experience.

“We aspire to be the top destination for weekly groceries, meat, health products, and fresh foods. In these challenging times, it would be a tremendous achievement if we can offer our customers exceptional value and a unique one-stop shopping experience,” says Travis Coppin, CEO of Food Lover’s Market’s retail division.

Through our unwavering dedication to building exceptional supplier relationships, we can offer a wide selection of quality products at fantastic prices. This includes a grocery section that competes in terms of range and affordability. Customers can expect the same great value on groceries as they enjoy in other departments such as fruits, vegetables, and butchery.

At the heart of our business is the commitment to being the “Best in Fresh,” ensuring that the Kathu store showcases world-class seasonal fruits and vegetables. The Food Lover’s Market Kathu team diligently maintains stock rotation of fresh produce to guarantee freshness and quality. Customers have the convenience of choosing pre-cut fruits or vegetables or opting for our convenient pre-packed options.

“As customers browse through our fruit and vegetable section, we encourage them to seek guidance from our expert Blockman for premium cuts and exciting meal ideas. It’s all part of the shopping theatre experience at a Food Lover’s Market butchery,” explains Coppin. Our gourmet butchery is dedicated to delivering a premium meat counter with the charm of a traditional butcher. We have nurtured longstanding relationships with local farmers and producers, sourcing primarily from them to enhance confidence in our supply chain and provide shoppers with an exceptional butchery experience. Over the years, we have been fortunate to expand our butchery business through partnerships with preferred suppliers such as Karan Beef, Deli Co, Lynca Meats, Winelands Pork, and spices from Freddy Hirsch, African Spice, Crown National, and Exim.

In addition to these offerings, our 2463 sqm space features an on-site bakery, a wine section, a fresh seafood department, as well as cheese and deli counters. We cater to health-conscious shoppers with options like Crispy Chicken, Bubs Fish & Chips, Pie O’My, The Fresh Society, Love Health, and Health & Happiness. The Grab & Go section includes a Sushi counter and a Biltong Bar. With 11 till points conveniently located at the exit, we ensure a speedy checkout process.

Visitors, both adults and children, will be delighted by the animatronics scattered throughout the store, such as the dancing banana at the entrance and the happy doughnut at the Doughnut Bar. At Food Lover’s Market, we have transformed our traditional brick-and-mortar space into an emporium that delights the senses, employing various animatronics and digital screens to keep customers informed, entertained, and engaged while they shop.

“We are passionate about delivering an amazing shopping experience by offering incredible value, a wide range of products, and exceptional quality. Building a strong bond between our team members and customers is also a crucial part of our retail magic. Therefore, we have put significant thought into assembling the Kathu team, with 95% of our staff primarily recruited locally,” emphasizes Coppin.

Logan Govender, an experienced retailer, will manage the store. Govender has experience working within the Food Lover’s Market group and previously managed a store in Gauteng. He will be supported by a team of 112 passionate team members to support him, with 19 of the team part of the gourmet Butchery section. During orientation and training, the new Food Lover’s Market team members have completed a Values and Customer Xperience workshop and undertaken training in Rustenburg, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

“The team goes through customer service training programmes to prioritise living the Food Lover’s Market values, the importance of customer service, and understanding all the product lines. Fortunately for us, it comes naturally to everyone we’ve hired,” says Coppin.

Shoppers are encouraged to watch the local press and the Food Lover’s Market website for details of all the specials. The store is located at Shop 29, Kathu Village Mall. Corner R380 & Hendrick Van Eck Rd in Kathu and shoppers are encouraged to watch the local press or the Food Lover’s Market website for more details of opening specials.

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