What to make with a Veg Combo

What is a veg combo?

The famous Food Lover’s Veg Combo! You know the one, the veg combo is regularly on promotion for a great price, to spread your rands even further.  The big veg combos mostly long-lasting root vegetables like butternuts, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots. A potjie veg combo often includes pickling onions, green beans and mushrooms.  Some smart customers purchase a big veg combo and split it with different households to benefit from the great bulk price.

What can you make with the Food Lover’s Veg Combo?

We’ve put together some of our popular, wholesome meals that you can make using the vegetables in the veg combo. These are all basic, but nutritious meals with a flavour variation to be sure you don’t feel like you are “eating the same thing again”.  Most of the meals can be frozen, so you can be sure to have a freezer whole of great, homemade food.


Take a look at these veg combo specialities!

A quick, ‘5-minute’ pasta sauce uses what’s in the pantry to whip up a mid-week meal. Blend up the sauce, and toss through your pasta of choice! Butternuts and carrots are roasted and then blended together with garlic and seasoning for a quick pasta sauce.

4 quick pasta sauces

Butternut soup is everyone’s all-time favourite and can it can go a long way.  Change it up with some different spices, like a cinnamon spice or try this Thai spiced version. Here we have used a red curry paste and coconut cream. Fresh coriander and hints of lime, add a bit of zing to this aromatic, creamy soup.

Butternut stuffed with a spicy Mexican mix of vegetables, rice, and beans, served with crisp, fluffy roast potatoes and a mix of sweet, juicy roasted onions. This colourful platter of appetizing vegetables can be served as a meal on its own, or as an accompaniment to any meat dish.

Rugani 100% carrot juices make a wholesome soup a lot easier and all the goodness of carrots, straight from the farm. Only a few ingredients are needed to make this light, creamy, sweet, and spicy Thai carrot & sweet potato soup. Light, fresh, and delicious AND it’s budget-friendly.

We all love potatoes, a staple for most. Make it interesting by stuffing potatoes with a delicious bean and beef mix, OR just a bean mix. A hearty, healthy, and balanced weeknight meal that uses ingredients that you have in the cupboard.

This vegetable curry is the perfect dish to stave off the nip in the air, as we head into the winter months. Nutritious, wholesome veggies are gently cooked in coconut milk, with some fragrant Indian spices, to create a comforting dish for the whole family.

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, one of the best ways to enjoy potatoes…Hasselback! These Hasselback sweet potatoes are extremely versatile, they can be served with absolutely anything — as a side or as a main on their own, just add a bit of protein like cottage cheese, feta, lentils or serve with a sausage.

Roasted sweet potatoes stuffed with a Mexican-style chickpea filling, served with lime & coriander slaw, an avo cream, and a salsa of course. To make this simpler, and more budget-friendly, you can leave out the avo cream. Salsa uses tomatoes and onions (in a veg combo), and slaw can be mayo and cabbage which are both affordable and long-lastly fridge ingredients.

This is another super simple pasta sauce recipe. All your need to do is roast tomatoes and red peppers (optional) with some herbs, garlic, and onion. Blend it all together and toss it through your favourite pasta. Add some coconut cream for a creamier pasta, or a bit of feta for some fats/protein.

tomato pasta

Roasted butternut and caramelised onion soup is just the recipe you need to tuck into! Mix the pumpkin seeds with some spices to add a little punch to your crunch in this wholesome soup.

Fresh veg, protein, fats, and grains make up a balanced plate. This stuffed tomato recipe can be a main meal or a side dish. Fresh tomatoes are stuffed with a grain (couscous) and topped with fat and protein (feta and mushrooms). We recommend adding some fresh greens to serve as well as added protein such as lentils or beans.

Less Waste in the kitchen…

WAIT…before you throw away any butternut skins or seeds or carrot ends…we’ve got some ways to use up those bits of the veggies that one would normally exclude from your meals. Keep an eye on our TikTok page for more useful tips.

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